Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls Outing Again.....(and with a tag below)

This morning went out with Tracy and Cas again...We went to Tesco Korean Restaurant for having our lunch...Actually it was not only cost us like 10++..haha...Hope next time went there again...In the restaurant only me,Tracy,Cas and some workers at there..We are the first went ate...XDXD ...then they put some old songs...not so nice la some...then we put our own songs..haha..(Bigbang,SHINee,Wonder Girls,Brown Eyed Girls,DBSK and etc...)we sing and moves our body abit..haha..

Tracy took my pic..=_=view of the restaurant....Cas tried to avoid from cam...My food...wah...Cas helped me cut it..thanks Cas..(it reminds me of my EST teacher that always liked to call me CHICKEN Girl because last time i practise Drama..and my mum keep tabao Chicken rice for me...=_=)This is Cas chicken kebab...and the up one is Tracy chicken rolls...Lovely ice cream....(Cas and Tracy laughed a me when i said the ice cream cold...)

When we ate our foods...then we started talk about red box...we want go jusco...wooot...its a last minutes thing..but we went it too..then Tracy and Cas asked me to book it..because I'm expert in calling...XDXD...even Tracy wrote in her blog that i can become phone operator...0_o...(thats not what i want to be)..

When we got there...i saw the list and the girl wrote my name MANNCY..walau...i think she never heard a person name Nanncy before...damn embarrassed...even Cas and Tracy laughed like....(speechless)...but this time they gave us the same room as last time...ROOM 22..Then we sang the same songs as last time...and we even sang some English old songs..haha...but this time at red box got abit bored...because the red box didn't put new songs..

In the room....

Then we all went to Sony because Tracy wanted to buy a headphone..all was so nice but i didn't bring enough money...=_=Suddenly Cas said that at Singapore more cheaper..she even said that go Singapore together after SPM...woot...good idea..but I'm broke d..T.T...Then we went to the laptops there..and we damn boring so we do this...

Wooow...SHINee ROCKS..

Then i went to buy my sushi and strawberries...XDXD..seriouly i can't wait to Singapore buy Headphone...*faint*....

PS: Nat and Shaun and others that having their PMR exam...good luck in your best...^^Fighthing all....


- Have you ever dreamt of dating younger guy?

= No..because they are not my type..i more like older guy haha..because more romantic..if the young guy really suit me..why not...XDXD

- How is it different to date yunhanam rather than older/same age guy?

= Erm..i don't know ler...because they all the its hard for me to see the different...

- If you're chosen to be the noona in Yunhanam, what type of activity you'd like to do with the boys?

= OMG..First I'll scream loud..wooooot..i know what Tracy going to do..haha..well..i'm kinda different...i more like to have more funs and do some crazy things...maybe I'll bring them to go night club and ask them one by one go up there sing a romantic song for me and even dance with me on the stage...XDXD..then bring them play some hard games..for the dates...erm..i want go picnic,go swimming pool and etc..(coz can't think allots now..)..i think its gonna be funs..

- Will you choose your yunhanam based on their performance/attitude during the date and activity or you'll simply will choose your favourite Shinee member from the beginning?why?

= I think I'll see their attitude and their personalities when date. If one of them can make me happy and very good to me(his attitude must good) I'll choose him..although he is my favourite one or not..he also must treat other members good too..yea...(Ondubu Onew...Argh...)

- Would you rather have 1-1 date or 5-1 date with the boys? why?

= 5-1..because I can see and compare their attitudes more good...If i choose 1-1...seriously..i can keep change my mind..and then so shy to meet them 1-1..haha...

- Is there any of the boys that meet your "prince charming" figure? who and why?

= I like a guy that romantic..because i romantic too..XDXD..must same with me..then he must good in singing..coz i want him to sing for me every night..^^..good in cooking,smart,cute,can make me smile,good in music..base on all of *prince charming* going to be Onew...OMG..*faint*

- How will you tell them the result? (e.g: giving rose like the 1st noona, giving life jacket like the 3rd noona, etc)

= Well..hard to think..but I'll send a limo to their's apartments with a big poster of his face on it...haha...or...i'll ask them to close eyes and kiss him on the cheek..or..i'll hold his hand and go away...XDXD...or ask them to sing SHINee WORLD...who the one that didn't sing the line he been choose by me and they will know it....

- What song do you want Shinee/your yunhanam sing in front of you?(apart of Noona Neomu Yeoppo! haha..I know everyone wants them to sing this song for us!)

= Firstly...Noona Neomu Yeoppo..then Love's way..then Romantic..woow...i'll really crazy if this happen...0_o