Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Lucky Day

Today morning..it was Chemistry class..so teacher just came in and din even teach us..she asked me to help her do some work..so of course i'll say ok to her..the she asked to put 0 in the empty space..have to do alot..and i started to feel sleepy when i do it..=_=and the teacher keep looking at me..XDXD..but after i've finish it..teacher suddenly take out her purse and gave me MONEY...0_oshe gave me 10 bucks..walau..and my class friends was like WTH..haha..but really thanks to the teacher..haha..she said it was duit raya..haha..but nvm..mayb today is my lucky day..XDXD

1 comment:

Chareessa @ Sweetie said...

someone got duit raya wor...
got study ma?
spm coming ohh..