Monday, August 3, 2009

Another week of orientation..

Just finished my nails manicure..hehe..nice and smell great...
but before that we go registered for the singing competition..XDXD
and alots of them choose Limkokwing's song to sing..haiz..
but its ok..coz we now trying to make the song different and change the beat..
even edit some words...^^

And the winner get her own album..haha..
but i'm with now practising...^^
and we have a friend which are deaf..she so pity..always alone
so we called her to joined us..^^
and althought the orientation day was long
but we have a lots of fun that others Universuty dun have...
seriously...our University like let the students enjoy..
and Limkokwing told us that....i don't like a nerd...
we all want you to studysmart not studyhard..haha..

k lah..want go shopping wth my friends...toodles...


Chareessa said...

College life ain't a bed of roses
enjoy it when you can.

cutieshortnanncy said...

yea..haha..i really enjoy it girl..XDXD