Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What an amazing orientation day!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!Today was the most interesting orientation day that i ever had...
Actually I'll be going alone to Plaza Wing to eat my free breakfast but then i saw a new friend whose named zizi and she is Chinese...i asked her whether i can joined her and her roomie or not...
and the answer was yes..haha..thats cool..and we became friends...and we even met Indonesian friend whose named Clara,she is a catholic...and in our group there is 6 people..he he..
and 6 of us stick together and din even separate..^^

After that,6 of us went to the Hall Of Fame at 9.30am and have some speeched by Associate Professor Dr Jayles Yeoh.He is Vice President of International Development..Well,he is a kind person and loves to tell jokes...haha..he damn short only 4 feet 11...XDXD..but i really liked his speeched...very interesting and great..everyone in the Hall was amazed by his words..he really a good talker...and he kept praised himself...^^

Then,we have our lunch break at 12.00pm....hehe...after the lunch break at 1.30pm we sat in the hall again and have a campus familiarisation tour...seriously we walked like hell....our feet all cannot walked already..because it really too big for us...and we as student will have a discount on hair cut in our University....wooow....really cool..even have pool and free Internet cafe for us to relax and chill out..and we have a goody bag that contains a voucher of 50% off for hair cut...a booklet,notebook,pen and other stuff which i lazy to check 3.00pm actually we supposed to have a group photo shoot..but its all too late...

Nevertheless,here is the amazing part!!!!We have ice breaking..haha...damn funny...they randomly choose people and went up on the stage to dance MJ's song..hehe...and one this Nigro guy really good at dancing..i really like it...and then the real ice breaking start...where we needed to be saparate into 10 group...hehe..and i'm in group number 6...^^..happy...which inside my group have alot of different kind of students from other countries...and there this one Nigro guy who hosted the event..and he really cute and handsome..LOL..haha...seriously!!And we start our games..very tired i told OMG!!but it really fun to get to know more about other people from different contries...^^..and our group is the most HIGH and like crazy...1st question of the games was give 3 things that why you choosed LimKokWing as your University...then 2nd was about teh how many triangles...then 3rd was What motivated you to LimKokWing University...and the 4the was how many children does MJ have...Walao..haha...the 5th was the same with the 3rd one....and then the 6th was the lady outside the LKW bustop asked us to counted how many cars are parked at outside of LKW...and we all were like WHAT...haha...then the 7th was how many question did you anwered and the last question was..........what would you be in the future..and i wrote i want to become an entertainer..^^

Really fun but my group get position number 6..hehe..not bad la..and this friday we all will going to KLC which is LKW relaxing place and its really big place and all of us and the winner will collect their prizes at there...^^..woot...we going to KL..haha..

Finally,now i really tired and felt want to sleep...hehe..but its really fun..i miss it so much...^^
till then..wanna take bath..coz so smelly..hehe..TOODLES!!!!


Chareessa said...

told you umpteen times that there's nothing to be worried about de..
you seem to have great fun..
continue to update ya..
when you start your studies you will be crazily busy, like me..
so blog it when you can..=)

cutieshortnanncy said...

fall in love with Nigro guy ??

cas said...

fall in love with negro guy -.- wtf

cutieshortnanncy said...

haha...but he really good looking..^^