Thursday, November 20, 2008

CHEMISTRY!!! exam chemistry..and i thought i was tough..but its not..XDXD
i can do it..OMG..i can't believe it...but in paper 2 i totally blank...only paper 1 and paper 3 can help my marks higher and NO FAIL AGAIN!!!

and then beside me was willy then elaine...we keep wisperred to each other when having paper 3 exam...but elaine done the paper 3 within half an hour...and me,i done till 2.40..and willy asked elaine wanted to go out...then we three stand up together and go out as the prefect was not there..haha..i really thanks God..because paper 3 the essay part i've done before in one monthly abit easy for me to do it..and school's prefect was not that cared about us even though you cheating...they also didn't saw..ish ish..terrible..

I also can't wait to end my SPM..and thats is on 27th november 2008...^^
I'm so excited..can go out sing with tracy and cas and nat...XDXD
sing SHINee-AMIGO...........argh..but don't know redboz have or not..haiz..redboz sucks!!!

I'm gonna says try your best next week for those who are still having exams...JIA YOU!!!!^^

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