Monday, May 19, 2008


Today early in the morning..
as usual my dad called me to wake up..
coz they all wan to KL..
n i din follow them coz i got ADD MATH tuition..
but nvm..tuition more important..hehex..
then i go there damn noisy...
n i feel very sleepy n my whole body very pain...
bcoz friday i go my friend house play badminton from 6.00 to 8.00
n then at tuition place,they call pizza summore..
walao..make me hungry..but i din order la..coz din bring money...
n feel very shy la eat at there...n i oso not know them very well..
n...skip....after tuition my teacher's husband fetch me home..
then i start on9 n called pizza hut..coz mum din cook 4 me...T.T
sob sob...i eat msn no ppl chat wif me...luckily tracy come n find me chat..
if not i really boring...hehex...then she n cas ask me to open a blog....
so i open lor...but i oso dun noe wan to write wad la...nvm...wait 4 me at my another post ya..
sure more interesting..^^

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